The world’s biggest country has a geopolitical oddity: the region of Kaliningrad. This enclave is a fragment of Russian territory the size of Yorkshire, squeezed between Poland and Lithuania.

The main attraction is the redbrick Gothic Königsberg cathedral, rebuilt with the help of German donations. It was once the heart of a vibrant city-centre community. But everything around it was destroyed in the Second World War, and it now stands amid greenery on Kant Island – named for Immanuel Kant, the philosopher who believed perpetual peace could be secured through universal democracy and international cooperation.


Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

Also knows as


Famous for

Amber Museum and Amber Reserves


−1.5 to +18.1 °C


September 1, 1255

Main cultural attractions

Victory Square and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,Museum of the World Ocean, Museum of Amber, Curonian Spit




Khrabrovo Airport